Have you heard of no-dig technology?

No-dig technology or trenchless technology is a method of detecting drain problems and repairing drains without the need of excavation. Without this technology, drains would have to be excavated to find the problem and this could be expensive and a slow process. Thanks to our technological advancements, excavation of drains is a thing of the past.

How does CCTV drain survey work?

CCTV drain survey consists of a small camera mounted on a thin tube that is fed into the drain pipes. The camera sends signals through the cable to the monitor thus finding the tiniest blockage without any part of the drain moved or replaced. Additionally, the homebuyers can go about their normal routine. 

Advantages of using CCTV drain surveys

Minimally Intrusive

CCTV drain surveys basically require some long wound cables mounted with a camera and a monitor system. Nothing needs to be dug or removed from its place. The drain specialist feeds the long cable into your drains, records the images and videos, studies the visual and reports your issues and solutions. CCTV drain surveys have become a convenient option especially in cities where it is important that the usual routine of people and their lives aren’t disruptions.

When do you need a CCTV drain survey

Quick and Cost-effective

Generally if through excavation, apart from a lot of waste generated there is also an immense amount of money and time wasted. It lets you identify the problem accurately and efficiently without burning a hole in your pocket. This is another major advantage of a CCTV drain survey.

Due to these benefits of CCTV drain surveys,  it is widely used in various ways such as home buyers drain surveys, drain/manhole investigation, and build over surveys.

Looking for CCTV drain survey specialist near you?

Drain Survey Experts have extensive experience in conducting professional CCTV drain inspections that have proven to be highly effective in diagnosing problems or for planning a site. Our CCTV drain surveys use the latest technological equipment thus providing faster and affordable analysis and accurate diagnosis with minimum disruption.

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When do you need a CCTV drain survey