Unblocking a sink has seemed to become a challenge that the drainage engineers & London plumbers face in common. Especially the blocked kitchen sinks. The main reason behind this is the gross clogs that the food waste causes turning it out into a severe drainage issue. But will a few clever measures and tips you will be able to overcome the smooth process of unblocking a sink without going for additional or professional assistance.

Sink that drains slowly

Water draining slowly through the sink indicates that there is a block in the drain pipe. This can be resolved by pouring in 2-3 cups of baking soda followed by vinegar into the drain. You will notice a frizzing after which you will have to pour in boiling water to remove the unwanted waste and blockage. Try running the water and you will find a noticeable difference in the water flow.

You may also use a plunger to move the block by forcing air down the sink.

Note: If you don’t have a plunger handy, the same can be using the palm of your hand to make a seal and pushing back & forth repeatedly to remove the block.

For a Full Blockage

When there is a total blockage of drain pipes, the above said idea needn’t work, for which you would have to go for an advanced step that would be removing the block from the U-bend. U-bend is the bend that comes first in the pipe right after the plughole. Please make sure that you are completely prepared and equipped with the following:

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Torch
  • A washing-up bowl
  • Old Towel/clothing of any kind.

Step by step process:

Make sure that the tap is closed.
Place the old towel and the washing bowl right under the U-bend pipe.
Use the torch for sufficient lighting in case the U-bend is under a closed cabinet or so.
Hold the pipe using the rubber gloves & unscrew the pipe.
Slowly open the pipe to empty the wastewater and the unwanted debris into the washing bowl.
If you still find debris stuck inside the pipe, make use of a long stick of any kind and remove the block.
After the block is cleared, clean the U-bend and refix the same.
Make sure to refix the same very tightly to avoid any kind of leakage in the future.
The waterproof tape can be affixed for extra safety.

If the issue persists?

If you seem to still face blockage in the drain, then unfortunately you might need specialist support as this only indicates that the problem isn’t at the U-bend instead it is further down. With the assistance of an expert drainage engineer, you will be able to get the water blockage problem resolved easily as they are tenure and efficient in clearing these issues instantly as well as smoothly. Feel free to give us a call on (NUMBER) and we will arrange for a professional drainage engineer at the earliest possible.
However, as the old proverb goes,” Prevention is better than cure “.
You may follow these steps to avoid having nasty sink blockages:
Never dispose of food waste through the sink, instead dispose of the same in the garbage.
Make sure the dishes, vessels and plates do not have any food waste or scrape in them when they are placed for washing.
Never pour thick food waste like oil, fat or soup waste down the drain.
Make sure to pour hot water down the drain at least once a week to prevent any debris from sticking to the pipes.