• Introduction
  • How do toilets get blocked?
  • Remember these tips to avoid a blocked toilet
  • Regular cleaning
  • Never flush the unflushables
  • Flush only the 3 Ps and nothing else!
  • Tree root ingress
  • Ask for professional advice


We get a lot of calls regarding blocked toilets. Besides providing the right solution to our clients, we also help them with tips and suggestions to avoid this nasty problem. So here we are presenting the same in an extended blog which would help and save our people from blocked toilets.

How do toilets get blocked?

A toilet can get blocked due to various reasons. At times, we hear our clients’ saying it must be some accident as they don’t remember what might have caused it. To us, knowing the exact cause makes our job easier. With years of experience, we mostly figure it out by just glancing at the kind of blockage. Usually, it’s the limescale buildup or too much toilet paper down the drain. We always suggest our clients perform regular drain maintenance or clearance to solve such problems. These problems are mostly solvable and cause less hassle to us and the customer. At times, customers use some DIYs to get their toilet drain flowing back to normal. Those methods may work for normal blockages. Blocks caused flushing down wet wipes, construction wastes, toys, cotton balls and other products, which takes some deliberate amount of work. Accidentally or not, flushing down these items can lead to serious blockages in your drainage system. This is where you will require expert interventions. Let’s understand what one can do to avoid a blocked toilet.

Remember these tips to avoid a blocked toilet.

Regular cleaning

We cannot emphasize the importance of cleaning your toilet regularly. Use cleaning products or simply some baking soda and vinegar. One must clean the toilets to avoid limescale and title paper buildup.

Never flush the unflushables

Increase awareness among your family members about the items that cannot be flushed down the drain. Common things that people flush down the toilet include:

  • Food
  • Too much tissue
  • Cotton items
  • Sanitary items
  • Wipes

We often make our customers aware of the things that should never go down the drain. At times, kids can become experimental and try flushing down their toys or other items. It is always advisable to keep the lid closed so that not even accidentally any foreign objects get down the toilet drain. We suggest never putting wipes, tampons, sanitary pads or Q-tips to flush down the toilet. Some customers ask us if they can flush those baby wipes with the “flushable” note on them. Our answer to them is – No! Trust us on this; please never put the unflushables down the toilet drain.

Flush only the 3 Ps and nothing else!

Poo, pee and paper. That’s it. These are the only things that one must put in their toilet. You must also know that flushing down too much toilet paper at once can clog the drainage system.

Tree root ingress

Tree roots can be a common cause of toilet blockages, particularly in older homes or homes with a lot of trees in the surrounding area. The problem occurs when the roots of trees grow into the pipes that lead to your home’s sewage system.

The roots can enter the pipes through small cracks or joints in the pipes, and once they have entered, they will continue to grow and spread throughout the pipes. As the roots grow, they can create blockages or even break the pipes, causing sewage to leak into the surrounding area.

When the roots grow into the pipes that lead to your toilet, they can cause the toilet to become blocked. The roots can create a barrier that prevents waste and toilet paper from passing through the pipes, leading to a clog.

If you suspect that tree roots are causing your toilet blockage, it is essential to address the issue as soon as possible. Leaving the problem unchecked can lead to more severe damage and more costly repairs.

Ask for professional advice.

To avoid any drain-related problems, it is important to conduct regular drain maintenance and cleaning. We at Drain Survey Experts are always here to help our customers and make their life easier sans any drainage problems. So if your toilet is blocked or you want to conduct preventive maintenance, then reach out to our team.