With all your preparations for the winter, remember to stay vigilant about your drainage system as well. Keeping our drains in tip-top condition is highly important. Because generally, we bother about this major part of our homes only after a blockage or collapse of drains happens. Drainage problems can be totally avoided if a bit of attention is paid towards our drainage system.

Severe weather conditions can take a huge toll on the drains. Low temperatures can cause the drains to freeze and block. The common winter drain problems are:

  • Freezing of drains
  • Blocked kitchen drains
  • Bursting or blockage of outdoor drains
  • Leakage

A drainage system experiencing a constant flow of water may not have any problems. But nights are the time when the drains stay idle. So blockage can happen. Homes that plan to go on vacation also need to pay extra attention. As the drainage system of such vacant homes stays unused leading to frozen or blocked drains. You can have someone switch the heating on for a while and keep all the taps running for some time. Alternatively, insulation of drains is also a good preventative measure. Insulation is usually done around the pipe using fiberglass or foam.
Another way to avoid freezing pipes is to use the warm air inside the home to keep the drain pipes warm. You should keep in mind that a sudden surge of heat during the cold weather can put a lot of pressure on the drains causing them to burst. So keep the room temperature consistent.

drain blockages in winter
drain blockages in winter

Kitchen sink blockages are another major complaint we received during the winters. Food particles and grease that go down the drain can clump up and get frozen. This can cause a huge blockage in the drain pipes. Do you know there are certain things that we must never put down the drain? Read on.

The exterior drains should also be prepared for the winters. Get all the exterior pipes checked for any debris or minor blocks or leaks. If you find any problems, fix them before they created a huge problem later.

drain blockages in winter

Keep the area near the drains clean and debris-free. Because if they get inside the drains, then it can cause huge blockage

To avoid any drain problem, keep a regular eye on your drainage system. Call for professional help as they are the experts who can find even the smallest drainage problems.

drain blockages in winter
drain blockages in winter

We at Drain Survey Experts understand that drainage problems should be dealt with utmost importance. Our drain technicians always advise the customers to conduct regular drain inspections as a part of the maintenance plan as it allows us to pinpoint any prospective or underlying issues in the drainage system. Being one of the trusted drain surveys and other drainage service providers who deliver customized services at an affordable price. Our team of experts will ensure that all the problems regarding the drainage system are efficiently inspected and confronted with you with the appropriate solution.