Drainage problems are inevitable. Every home our business owner faces them at some point. But there are things that we can do to prevent the worst and persistent drainage problems. Knowing things that should be out down the drain is one among them. Yes. It’s a small deed but this small information can go a long way.

Putting unflushable things down the drain can lead to problems not only on a local level but a national level as well.

Here we are with a list of items you should never put in your drains:

FOG- Fats, Oils, Grease

Have you heard of fatbergs? It’s a massive mass that is formed in the sewer system which contains cooking fat and non-biodegradable debris. Every year Fatberg has caused thousands of drainage systems to clog and cause trouble. Fatbergs are formed when people pour fats, oils and grease down the drain and it solidifies causing blocked drains over time. This problem not only affects the local drain but can cause blockages at the town or state level. Take a look at this article on “How can oil or grease clog my drain?“ for more information.


Wipes and sanitary pads and the most common item found stuck on the drains that cause the worst blockages. The gel particles present in the sanitary pads can expand when it absorbs water eventually getting stuck with the FOG. Flushing the wipes is also a big ‘NO’; not even the flushable ones. As they contain plastic components that can create huge blockage in the sewer system.

Flour/ Pasta/Rice

Flour when mixed with water forms a thick paste that can stick inside the pipe causing blockages. Similarly, pasta and rice which easily goes down the drain but expands after absorbing water can cling to the drains and get caught up FOG. The best solution to avoid this problem is buying a sink strainer that will help in stopping any food particles from going down the drain.

Coffee grounds

After FOG, one of the next biggest concerns of drainage technicians is the coffee grounds. These may seem harmless when they go down the sink into the drain but being water-insoluble they can build up and clog the pipes along with FOG.


Flushing condoms may seem like a silly thing to you, but it’s disturbing the ocean’s ecosystem. Condoms that reach the ocean are mistaken as food by the sea animals and fishes which is sad. These condoms do not decompose easily. It takes more than 30 years for the latex to decompose.

Toxic chemicals

Chemicals going down the drain can ultimately mix with our ocean and cause water pollution. Products used for cleaning, paints, oil and solvents are some of the chemicals that should be disposed of safely. Always check with the manufacturer, find their disposal. Alternatively, you can also reach out to local waste facilitators. Similarly, medications should also never be put down the drain. Medications can’t be treated and removed from the wastewater which comes back into our drinking water causing a lot of issues such as antibiotic resistance.

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