What is a CCTV Drain survey?

The CCTV Drain Survey is a technology to examine the drainage system built on your property. It is incorporated through pipes to access the data with the help of a camera to capture essential data like videos and images, charts, and maps of the drain. In metropolitan cities with a complicated drainage system, CCTV Drain Survey quickly examines all the issues in your drainage.

CCTV Drain System detects the following problems

  1. Cracks in drainage pipes
  2. Blocked drains
  3. Erosion of Pipe through tree roots
  4. Messy or weak pipes connection
  5. Other defects in the drainage pipe

CCTV Drainage Survey Process

– it provides accurate location and the degree of deterioration or harm it has gone through. Now that the problem is known, the machine will give the best solution for the repairing treatment of the drain.

What CCTV surveys are used for

  • They are an essential tool for the Planning Preventive Maintenance program (PPM) and help owners to prevent severe drain damages.
  • For any construction of a big scale project, this service eases mapping out drain pipe connections by identifying already existing ones. It supports contractors in planning drainage patterns.
  • They are used for drainage inspection by the contractor before selling any property to the clients for understanding the drainage condition.
  • With CCTV Drain Survey there is no need for manual laborious excavation. The machine is flexible to gather data even in the dangerously confining area.

Why do you need one

  • Frequent blocking or clogging– Recently, do you face any difficulties regarding your drainage systems like blocking or clogging? It is a signal to check your drainage system if there is any problem. Your drainage system might need expert technology to inform you immediately why your drainage is not working.
  • Investing in properties – Are you looking to invest in some property? it will be wise for you to have proper insight before becoming a potential buyer. There can be some critical issues and severity with the drainage pipes, which you would not be able to form an idea about. It can also cause expensive rehabilitation later for you. Before purchasing or investing, the CCTV drain survey can be your ally to provide you with necessary information about defects and the degree of danger.
  • New buildings – Before constructing new buildings, the companies access information on drainage pipes connection through a CCTV drain survey. It helps Architects in designing the system of drainage which will merge with the already important connections and have the access to facilities provided in that region.
  • The sooner the better– One should always be aware of the drainage system existing on the property because it allows you to make wiser decisions about your property. It helps in waste removal and rehabilitation of drainage pipes. If you have an old house or building, it helps in understanding the state of drainage and whether it needs up-gradation soon or not.
  • Benefits Of CCTV Drainage Inspection

    • It has advanced inbuilt software that produces the exact replication of your drainage system with schematic and high accuracy.
    • It helps property buyers, with the help of this updated drainage technology for the inspection of underground sewer or drainage systems, to ensure its condition and pay wisely. The buyer can always ask for insurance coverage before accepting the deal.
    • We guarantee you the best CCTV drain survey and our well-trained crew member to help you in assisting the exact problem with your drainage and where it is located.

    Important Features Of a CCTV Drain Survey-

    • To have a complete picture of the drainage pipe or the sewer system, it has a camera that can completely rotate 360°.
    • You can access the accurate reports that have been documented with the DVD. The software that comes with the CCTV drain survey immediately generates the reports.
    • Real-time visual information about the drainage system is displayed.
    • It has the facility to trace the whole pipe even at remote spots.
    • It creates the drainage system map with the help of information it gathers. The exercise of mapping is done by the machine itself.
    • It projects the topography of the landscape, main pipes, manholes, and tree roots with exact location.
    • It tells the rate of flow of the sewage along with the pressure and direction.
    • It informs about the length, breadth, and height of every drainage pipe as it meets the main one.
    • Information about defects and breaks in pipework
    • It provides information that is required for the surveys regarding topography.
    • It can create a 3D map with all the information it has gathered.
    • You can easily have information to conduct Constructed General Permit (CGP) surveys.

    What to expect from a CCTV drainage survey specialist

    • The contractor conducting the drainage survey is required to show the license and the right types of equipment to carry out the process.
    • It is mandatory to provide the essential certificates as a guarantee for safe work in proper function with all facilities at a limited time.
    • The conductors must show all the special drainage services required for the completion of the survey.
    • They are expected to use up-to-date technology and software so they can work with all the needed data and give the best presentation to the customer.
    • They should have access to the total station and all the other equipment for topography examination with the 3D maps.

    How long does the whole process take?

    The time taken for the process is dependent on the number of damages detected and the potential of those defects. Mostly, the survey took two-three hours and was provided to you in a few hours.

    What equipment and technology are used?

    • Waterproof equipment and cameras
    • Wincan and Minicam equipment program for reports
    • Proteus crawlers can cover great distances upto 300 mts
    • Proteus pushrods are more than 60 mtrs long.
    • Proteus floatation rafts are resistant to high flow in the pipes.
    • Sondes technology

    The process

    1. Call us to book
    2. Process of the survey – We will meet at a fixed time to discuss the whole process of CCTV drain survey. Later, our crew will set up all the required equipment.
    3. Examination of the drain – The engineers will examine your drain and install the CCTV in your drainage system with the help of flexible advanced equipment.
    4. CCTV Drain Survey – The data provided by CCTV will be accessed by an engineer.The engineer will monitor the condition of your drain system and records the defects and damages.
    5. Report – The engineer will report you with all the defects and damages in the drain and will give you a viable solution. You will also have access to know all the findings in your drain.