What is surface water drainage flooding? Tips & Solutions to Deal with it

Surface water drainage flooding is a phenomenon that occurs when the existing drainage system is not capable of draining the rainwater or filtering it into the ground. And because of the lack of a channel to flow, the water keeps accumulating on the surface and causes a local flood. There are different degrees of flood but they all are destructive to your property and investments. Surface water flooding depends on the volume and speed of the rainfall, the intense rainfall prevents the drainage system from functioning properly.

Surface flood usually impacts localised residents therefore it mostly affects the properties near the flooding zone. Sometimes, if precaution has been taken well, fewer damages are reported. However, it is not possible to always be updated with the weather report and people face some heavy loss.

However, because these surface flood occurrences are unpredictable and severe, the impact can be severe, impact vast areas, and stay that way for extended periods of time.

Therefore, we are aware that surface water flooding might greatly impact your major projects.

What Flood Zones Are Affected By Surface Water Floods?

Some people believe that only Flood Zones 2 and 3 are affected by surface flooding. And that a Flood Risk Assessment report is not necessary if your property does not fit within certain zones.

Surface water floods caused by inadequate surface water drains or major drainage issues will also damage Flood Zone 1 buildings.

As Critical Drainage Lands are the areas inside Flood Zone 1. It has been determined that the region’s drainage system is insufficient. These locations are in grave danger of collapsing after severe flooding. Additionally, this can cause runoff, which poses a number of issues. A flood risk assessment is still necessary for these locations.

Why should you prevent surface water flooding?

Water Seepage

There is always a chance that during flooding, water will seep inside the home. This can have serious consequences, including deterioration of the house’s architecture, furnishing, and other important utilities. Remember that anything that might come into contact with floodwater is probably contaminated with wastewater.

Algae and mosses

When water remains in an area for an extended period, or when cement comes into touch with water, algal slime and moss, as well as germs from sewage, can grow. If allowed to exist in a habitable space, these microbes will have long-term health effects.

Toxic for plants

Excessive water stagnation can be damaging to plants because it deprives the roots of oxygen and exposes them to dangerous substances. If left untreated for a long time, this disease could stop the plants’ ability to grow and result in their death.

Home Insurance

Interior surface water flooding will raise your home insurance cost. You may be unable to insure your home. You can obtain discounted insurance through, though assistance is on the way. The National Flood Forum also offers a wealth of insurance-related knowledge.

How effective is your garden drainage?

One of the most important ways to mitigate the effects of surface water flooding on your garden or sidewalk is to have it correctly installed by a landscape specialist. A professional installation will make sure that rainwater is properly channelled away from your house and toward the right drain.

What landscaping supplies and services can prevent surface water flooding?

Permeable block paving is ideal for driveways and patios because it is specially designed to allow surface water to drain between the blocks. Block paving from our wide assortment is excellent for avoiding surface water flooding.

Surface water management also benefits from the use of drainage channels. We provide Hexdrain channels, which catch water from sidewalks, patios, and streets and can be connected to the main drainage system. Additionally, we have underground Flexible Land Drains that can collect and release surface water from bigger areas like gardens, pastures, and meadows.

We can help flowerbeds and other gardening areas retain water while discharging it gradually, enhancing plant health and easing drainage. Ornamental gravel and shingle is a superb solution that not only beautifies outdoor areas but also provides excellent drainage for walks and roads.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about surface water flooding prevention and management, as well as to examine our range of helpful products.

Drain Survey Experts crew can remove surface water from a variety of locations. In addition to getting rid of surface water on your property, we can build trustworthy fixes to stop the issue from happening again. We provide excellent removal and installation services for a wide range of UK properties. The knowledgeable experts at ABC can assist you in getting rid of any surface water and preventing it from badly harming your home.

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