We never give many thoughts towards our sewer systems. But they play a major role in collecting our daily wastes to a specific location far away from us. Until there is a problem, we do not bother about our sewer systems. 

That’s why in 2011, legislation for new home improvement was implemented. According to which, any house that needs extension or improvements such as building a garage or conservatory requires you to have taken the consent from your local water company. This procedure requires you to take the build over drain survey. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about build over CCTV drain surveys. Read on.

What is a build over CCTV drain survey?

Build over surveys as the name denotes surveys is conducted before building over a pre-existing drainage system. For any building work taking place in close proximity to the existing public sewer system requires a build over drain survey. These surveys are also called pre-build CCTV drain surveys.  Build over CCTV drain surveys are done to locate the current drainage system, the layout, its ownership and any risk of damage.

How can you get approval for your project built in proximity over the sewer system?

Now that you know approval is needed, let’s take you through the ways to do it. There are two ways to get approval from the local water authority.

  • Self-certification Declaration Form
  • Build over agreement

If your building works are over the pipes with a diameter of 150mm or less, then you would need the self-declaration form. This form can be obtained by paying an application fee from the local water board.

If your building works are taking place within 3 metres of the public sewer system then you would not qualify for self-certification declaration form. In this case, you would require a build over the agreement. For building works such as underpinning, piling, raft foundation or basement a build over agreement would be necessary.

Both these approval requires you to fill forms by answering certain questions and also presenting CCTV drain surveys. In case of build over the agreement, you would need CCTV drain surveys before and after the project. A long tube with a mounted camera is fed into the drains to check the location, map and defects of the drains in detail.

Looking for a build over survey for your project?

A professional and expert CCTV drain survey company is needed to conduct build over surveys. With years of experience and a solid trust placed by our clients, Drain Survey Experts are known to deliver fast and reliable build over CCTV drain surveys.

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