What things you must check before buying a home? Well, a lot!

Having a space of your own is one of the most important milestones of our lives. Thus it becomes inevitable to scrutinize in and out ( or may up above and deep down below) and ensure there are no loopholes to be bothered about in future post the purchase.

One of the most important and overlooked among the homebuyers checklist is the drain inspection. In this article, we will take you through the importance of drain survey before buying house and other helpful facts about CCTV drain surveys.

Why do you need a CCTV drain survey before buying a home?

drain survey before buying house

No one wants to get into a problem knowingly. Especially if it is avoidable. Imagine you bought a house that looks flawless from outside but has nasty problems underneath; yes, the drainage system. 

The drainage system is one of the most important systems in a house. It safeguards your home from water damages and ensures streamlining of wastewaters. 

Moving into your dream home only to deal with expensive sewer repairs later is not something one would wish for. The blocking of the sink and toilets or a funny smell from the basement, that’s how it starts. And once it starts, it becomes a vicious cycle of unending problems. 

So we advise all new and old home buyers to mandatorily conduct a CCTV drain survey before buying a home. It will save you from the unnecessary costs that you may have to bear for sewer repairs.

What can CCTV Drain Survey Reading tell?

drain survey before buying house

A CCTV drain survey involves investigating procedures that check the condition of the drains. A tiny camera along with the cable is pushed through the drainage system. This camera system will allow the drainage expert to examine every corner of the drains and record the internal images to further investigate. These images, video along with the complete report will be handed over to you.

CCTV drain survey allows the drainage expert team to accurately find the problems and provide a solution to the same.

Does home surveys check drains?

Mostly, a house survey or residential survey will include the valuation of everything that is visible to the eyes. Most of the survey inspectors overlook the drainage system. Surveyor inspectors may only lift the drain covers and conduct a superficial inspection but nothing deep inside to look for problems such as blockages or animal infestation.

What is home buyers drain survey?

A survey of drains conducted before one buys a property is known as the home buyers drain survey. It is conducted by professionally trained technicians who will carry out the inspection using special equipment. A home buyers drain survey will include full CCTV drain survey along with manhole location, drainage mapping, drainage problems, imageries, DVD footage, recommendations and fixes.

What causes drain blockages?

drain survey before buying house

Drain blockages can happen due to multiple factors. Major causes involve root ingress, poor installation, build-up dirt, poor water flow, or even hair!. Blocked drains can lead to a range of unexpected issues disrupt your peaceful life. Slow draining sink, nasty or pungent smell, backing up of toilets when flushed, gurgling drains, etc are the signs of blocked drains.

But these can be easily prevented if you conduct a drain survey before buying a home.

How can we help by providing the best CCTV drain survey in London?

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