Build Over Drain Surveys

Building your dream home or working on a big construction project is exciting, but it has challenges. No matter what you are constructing, a build-over drain survey is required to cut future problems. It also keeps the project on track. Once done, you will be relieved from the what-ifs related to your project. Our team is an expert in this field because of years of experience in each type of drainage system and how it works. We are humble to guide you and provide you with any help on the build-over-drain survey.

Why Do You Require a Build-Over Agreement?

The first thing you will require to construct any structure or building is the planning permission legislation. Working near or over a public sewer system or major drain also means you should own a build-over agreement.

In simple terms, a build-over agreement is required to protect the sewers and the drain system from any kind of damage or trouble that may arise later because of the continuation of the construction. This legal document also permits water supplier companies to access this construction area if, in the future, this place needs to be cleaned or fixed.

Having a build-over document protects both you and your project. It minimizes the risk of future damage and ensures your safety. To acquire this build-over agreement, you will need a CCTV drainage survey to access all the restricted regions and provide you with a holistic map of the condition of the drains.

What Is The Process Of Obtaining a Build-Over Drain Survey: How & When?

For obtaining this document, you will be mandated to propose an overview of your construction project to the local water supply authority. In the proposal, you must explain your plan and what steps you take to achieve it. With the submission of this proposal, you should also have access to the precondition drain survey. It will deeply examine the drainage system and address the existing issues. It also confirms the status of pipes, location, and water flow.

A post-conditional drain survey is beneficial to cross-check your work.

One important thing, you don’t have to apply for this build-over agreement document if your construction area is three meters away from the closest public sewer system. Also, if you construct any structure on your private property and own the drains, you don’t have to apply for these permissions.

What Are The Advantages of a Build-Over Drain Survey Agreement?

  • The followings are the benefits of having a build-over survey document-
  • Guarantees the wellness of your drains
  • Ensures the working efficiency of drains
  • Security of full-functioned drain system at the correct location
  • Helps you in selling property and attracts potential buyers

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